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You Rent From Me

Terms & Conditions

Rent, don't buy.

Visit us on our Instagram: @yourentfromme

How to rent:

Do click on the above "Enquire Now!" button and kindly fill up the form.​

​The rental price stated is for standard minimum rental period of 2 days and a maximum of 4 days.

Example: Self-collect on Monday. Use the rented items for your event on Tuesday and return on Wednesday or latest by Thursday.


All items must be collected from our office WCEGA Tower, #23-70 

Security Deposit:

  • All rentals require a security deposit.

  • The amount is stated and informed via our confirmation email to you.


  • This security deposit is payable via PayNow/PayLah when you self-collect the rented props.


  • Do  inspect each rental item for any defect/damage before you pay the security deposit and acknowledge via signature that the items are deemed satisfactory.


  • We will return the security deposit once all props and their respective packaging /boxed are returned on time and undamaged in it's original condition.

Deduction of Security Deposit

The following items will incur charges that we will deduct from your security deposit:


  • Lost or damaged rental items. Damaged items will include props that are broken, chipped, discoloured and/or stained with food/ink/paint/glue/dirt and more.

  • Lost or damaged packaging/boxes. A one-time charge of $10 is payable for props that are returned without their original packaging(s)/boxes(s).


  • Stained fabric will incur a cleaning fee of $10 per piece of fabric. This applies to backdrop cloth, table runner, batik cloth and shawls. 


  • Tangled fairy lights. Please ensure all fairy light strings are individually bundled up.  A one-time charge of $10 is payable for fairy lights that are tangled.


  • Late return of props. A full day’s rental fee is payable for every additional day of late return.


  • Last minute request (i.e. less than 3 hours prior to scheduled appointment) to reschedule rental returns.​

Change of Event Date

In the event that your event date change, we will make every effort to transfer all product rentals and services to the new date but will not be responsible for any impact on the product availability and/or event quality resulting from last minute changes.


You will also be responsible for any expenses arising from the date change, including the fees that are non-refundable.

Availability of Props

In the event that the prop that you have rented is not available, we will

a) Replace the unavailable item with another item in our inventory, OR

b) Receive 100% refund for the said unavailable item. 

Delivery Fees

Delivery costs will incur based on trips

  • One-way delivery : $80 

  • Two-way delivery: $120

Delivery fees will vary subject to the size and quantity of item(s) as well as time of delivery.

Standard Usage Duration for Events Setup

For any events that require us to set up, the standard usage duration is 4 hours.

For example: We will set up between 11.00am – 12.00pm. You can use the setup from 12.30pm - 4.30pm.

Any extension in usage duration will incur surcharge as follow:

  • Day event (event starts before 5pm): $15 per 30 minutes

  • Night event (events start after 5pm): $20 per 30 minutes

Rental Returns

All rental returns are strictly by appointment only.


Please appoint at least 2 people whom we can liaise with for your rental return, if you are not returning the items yourself or will be uncontactable.


If you are unable to return on time, please inform us no later than 3 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. 


All cancellations must be submitted to us in writing.

There will be no refund for custom-made/custom-bought props or prints once you have submitted the order.


The following cancellation & refund policy applies to all rental orders: 

  • 7 days prior to collection/event date: 50% refund

  • 4-6 days prior to collection/event date: 15% refund

  • 1-3 days prior to the collection /event date: No refund

  • No notice given or no show on the collection/event date: No refund

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