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Read what our lovely You Do For Me family has to say about working with I Do For You

Joe & Eli

We decided to engage IDFY for the complete wedding planning package as we are going through long distance relationship and it was money well spent. The hard work and accomodation that Steffie and her team put into the planning process and making our actual day less stressful was definitely recognised. Their professionalism and logistical prowess, all while having a calm exterior on the actual day, really put us at ease and enabled us to have a superb time.
Her floral and styling team also deserves recognition, as the bridal bouquet was one of the best that we've seen, and the stage setup was something that everyone marvelled over.
It was lovely to meet the team, and we are delighted that we signed on with IDFY. We are definitely recommending IDFY to anyone who is currently sitting on the fence about signing on.


Eileen Low

Moses & Dora

You are in good hands!
My wife and I hired Steffie and her team for our wedding in October this year. Honestly, we could not have made a better choice. From the start, Steffie just made us feel like she understood what we wanted and she did everything she could to make our dream wedding come true. I was pleasantly surprised to see everything we wanted for our wedding actually blossom into reality.
And on the actual day itself, wow. Every single thing went according to plan and my wife and I just felt so at ease throughout the whole day. It really allowed us to enjoy our special day and I am so so grateful for it. As a husband, the last thing I wanted was for my wife to be stressed on our wedding day.
Steffie and her team may not be the most famous wedding planner team out there but trust me, you will be hard pressed to find anyone better!
Thank you Steffie, Lana and the team at I Do For You. You really made our special day an unforgettable one with memories that will last us a lifetime. We are forever grateful!

moses and dora_-118.JPG

Kamil & Gwen

The entire team at IDFY were absolutely ace in everything! Lei, Steffi, Pek Sia, Charmaine, everyone who worked with them were second to none? Why do I feel so confident in saying that? My wife and I planned our wedding to take place over 2 weekends, be comprised of 5 events in 4 different locations. There was numerous logistical challenges involved and yet time after time the IDFY met them with grace and adaptability to rise above. From moment one, they asked the right questions, they provided the appropriate suggestions and solutions and went above and beyond to ensure all our needs were met. IDFY truly helped us create a magnificent union and we are incredibly thankful for everything they did.

Kamil Gwen 23 pre-56.jpg

Ambrose & Rebecca

We engaged IDFY with less than 2 months to spare but they somehow still managed to pull everything together for us! The actual day went by seamlessly and we’ve heard nothing but compliments for them. Steffie and her team went above and beyond what we expected on the day of and for that we are truly grateful. It was an unforgettable day for us and our family. Engaging them was probably one of the best decisions we made!


Tibo & Arvi

Very pleasant experience working with Steffie and her team throughout the planning of our wedding reception.
We are an international couple and had a very precise idea of what we wanted to achieve in a very unique (and extremely remote) location, where everything needed to be hand carried and setup from the ground up. It was a huge logistical challenge (no road access) and looking at the task in front us, we decided hired Steffie and the I do for you team ~ 4-5 weeks before the event.
They greatly delivered their scope by coordinating between all the contractors we had selected but also helped with the overall setup and certainly broke some sweat! Thanks for that, You were a part of a very successful day!
Steffie and her team are not afraid to go the extra mile, able to keep their calm in the storm and had a very good understanding of coordination and service in general. Add to this Steffie’s experience working abroad and you get a sharp all rounded team which can help transform a vision into reality. Thanks guys!

Thibault and Arvi-184.jpg

Nicholas & Yumiko

Engaged idoforyou for actual day coordination because they were more affordable compared to other planners and they did not disappoint at all!! Lei, Pek Sia and Charmaine were there throughout our whole day of activities from the morning tea ceremony, photo shoots, lunch and dinner, as my hands and feet to execute anything we need them for. If you’re considering a planner/coordinator they are definitely a must have especially if you’re not having any bridesmaids or groomsmen!


Joshua & Joo Yong

My husband and I are so glad with our decision to engage IDFY for our wedding actual day coordination. They may be a young team but they are highly professional and most importantly, very responsive and on the ball.

They started working with us 2 months before the wedding, guiding us and ironing out details that we would have overlooked otherwise. They are more regulations that needed to be considered having a wedding during covid and the team checked all the queries we had, taking a lot of load off us.

Came our wedding day, we had to shift our outdoor ceremony last minute due to rain. The team stepped up and took care of everything. They really directed all the stress away from us. In the end we had a beautiful wedding with many fond memories. Our wedding didn’t go perfectly as ‘planned’, but to us it was a perfect wedding nonetheless.

Without a doubt, we will recommend IDFY to anyone who needs any event planning services! Thank you so much Steffie, Douglas, and Lei, you guys are a wonderful team!


Jeremy & Felyn

My husband and I, the 9 days old newlyweds (HAHA), got to know Idoforyousg from Autelier Make Up’s style shoot! When we got there, we saw how much concentration Steffie and her crews put in while decorating the venue and they put their focus on the details. Watching how they style the florals and decoration layouts almost from scratch, I guess we were lucky!

Steffie was super friendly to approach me, telling me that I can look for her anytime for my wedding, be it wedding planning, florals or venue styling! Since then I have also consulted various venue stylist and ultimately, I chose to engage Idoforyousg considering that I have seen the work she had done with my own eyes I’m grateful to her as she was patient while waiting for me to confirm on the specific areas I’d like her to style and the designs I like even though I only engaged her last minute (one and a half months before our big day)! Steffie did a moodboard for me after I told her our actual day colour theme (loving autumn!). We trust her creative styling so we did not question her much on what she’s going to do for us.

We’re certainly happy with the end results when we arrived at the venue! The reception table, VIP table and bride/groom chairs were aesthetically well decorated! We recommend any upcoming brides/ grooms/ boyfriends/ girlfriends to give them a try, engage them you will see!

Copy of Jeremy and Felyn AD-161.jpg

Jason & Eileen

We like to spend to compliment Steffie and her team. As we are in this pandemic season we decided to do our solemnisation at the comfort of our own home. I contacted Steffie thru Instagram and send her my mini moodboard and she reply promptly with sketches and her own thoughts on the moodboard. Therefore I decided to go with her for my wedding decor.

Steffie is very patience and accommodate with some of my last min request and make everything work even better. My husband always praise that she is very passionate and take the job seriously despite her age.

Because of Steffie we received a lot of compliment on our decision to do home solemnisation she make the space look cozy and magical. It wouldn’t have Been this perfect if it not for their services

MWP Solemnisation Eileen Jason (148).jpg

Brian Cheng

I would like to thank steffie and team for the awesome planning, design and coordination for my proposal

I was not easy for steffie to plan my proposal due to the lockdown and covid 19 restrictions.

I have change the plan 3 times due to the restriction impose during our planning phase but steffie was very accommodating and always try to find a solution to all the problem that come our way.

Swift responds in answering all my question and was very efficient in all the Reece for venues and finally securing one.

On the very day. Steffie handled the coordination between the photographers, videographers and my friends for the whole proposal very well and the set up had exceeded my expectation! Thank you once again steffie and team from Idoforyou:)


Gerald & Kelly

If you're reading this, engaging Steffie and her team will be a decision you won't regret. Working with them was as smooth as a breeze and also they have been very accommodating with my requests. I am extremely grateful for the perfect proposal set up that they pulled off (my fiancee LOVED it). Initially i was working with a pretty tight budget but back then when they proposed some set up ideas within my budget, i was pretty impressed already. Eventually i increased my budget and all i did after was send Steffie a few reference images of what i was looking for plus a rough idea of what i thought was nice, and boom, a beautiful, unforgettable set up. Once again a huge thank you to Steffie and her team, you guys are amazing!

P.s. Steffie also recommended me her go-to florist and my fiancee's reaction to the bouquet was and i quote "one of the most beautiful bouquet i've ever seen".


John & Janice

I engaged I Do For You as my Actual Day Wedding Coordinator as I want all bridesmaid and groomsmen to enjoy the whole banquet at their fullest. Steffie, the Founder of I Do For You did a great job in coordinating. To be exact, she followed up with me months before the AD, which really helped to off load many things on my to-do-list. My guests all said the banquet event rundown was smooth and they had fun. They were meticulous; making sure every single detail made sense. I didn’t have to worry any single aspect on Actual Day. This gave me times to take a break too. Thank you Steffie and team. I have no regret engaging you and team, you guys did a great job!

John & Janice0257.jpg

Stefan & Zhao Chin

My husband and I had never thought of engaging a Actual Day Coordinator until we were being introduced to “I Do For You” as part of our wedding package! We were really “lost” before Steffie & Douglas come on board. They were helpful throughout the whole process, answering to every single questions we asked, following up on every single requests we had and even providing detailed guidance to us. They were able to advise how long each segment typically takes and ensured that there was enough time for each segment. On the actual day, they went all out to help us ensure things go smoothly, from liaising with all vendors, appearing in my house at 5am, taking snippets of the gate crash + wedding, to ensuring we are right on schedule and going the extra mile for certain things. They definitely took the stress off us allowing us to fully enjoy our wedding day!

photo_2022-02-22 17.46.20.jpeg


The IDFY team were very helpful and kind throughout the process of planning and setting up the decor for our home solemnisation. During discussions on decor, they were informative and creative even when working with the small space of our living room. During set up they were detail-orientated and cheerful, despite working well into the night and must have been very tired. They also went the extra mile and helped us in coordinating the movement of furniture during the day of the solemnisation. Us and our families were in love with the beautiful floral decor that made our special day even more magical. Big thank you again to the IDFY team for the lovely experience!

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-19 at 4.59.00 PM (6).jpeg

Garion & Diana

Steffie helped my by-now wife and I in our actual day wedding event planning and coordination and we are so thankful that with her meticulous planning ranging from liaising with all other vendors at the wedding venue to co-ordinating wedding itinerary flow and making sure everything runs smoothly on that day itself.

She took a huge load off us (wedding couple) as we can enjoy the whole ceremony and dinner with minimal fuss and stress.

Thank you so much once again Steffie!!

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-20 at 5.48.26 PM(1).jpeg

Issac & Roxanne

They go beyond and exceed my expectations! The support crew was very supportive and well prepared! Steffi is very experienced in events and color coordination. Highly recommended


Fenzc Chen

We approached "I Do For You" (IDFY) as we had a afternoon tea theme in mind and IDFY has shown in their previous projects to spruce up the venues in great detail. The customer service was excellent from enquiry to implementation. Steffie the founder came to recee and was open to our requirements, some of which were restrictive in fact due to safety management measures. IDFY overcame those limitations and came up with a proposal. The final product exceeded expectations to a large extent and showed not only a fabulous product and also a heartfelt piece of work.

During the event, the teachers were in awe and pampered by the floral arch that stretched along the corridor. It kicked off the event with a feel-good factor.

I would like to thank IDFY for going the extra mile because I know that for teachers, IDFY has created a magical garden for all of us. I even received compliments that our celebration was "of a different class!"

The excitement of the party still lives on, even after a few days...Thanks a million, Steffie and I Do For You!!!

Love from all of us @ SWBC.


Ji An & Shermaine

Engaged IDFY for designing of our solemnization venue, Steffie was patient from the begining, accommodating to our schedules for discussion. Also shout-out to Douglas & Lei where they were all so much help for our big day together with Steffie! From meeting our design requirement, accommodating our last min changes and so much more! will surely recommend to everyone!

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-16 at 4.18.52 PM.jpeg

Edmund & Deborah

Engaged IDFY for my proposal. The set up was beautiful and steffie & team were quick to resolve problems on their own (the loading bay was closed & i couldnt give them help). Super reliable and with a good eye to create the most beautiful atmosphere possible. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for proposal set up. Thank u so much guys!

Deb and Ed Proposal-98.jpg

Marcus & Erin

Approached team IDFY for my proposal and to my pleasant surprise, this small start up company exceeded my expectations. The team at IDFY were quick to thinking and had plenty of suggestions / ideas when I gave them my requests. The entire process with them was swift and very commendable. Sketches to flowery details to the actual day set up were on point to my fiancé and my liking. Very well thought out and I’m so glad to have decided on them even tho they are a young company.

Keep up the good work! And most definitely will approach them for my wedding


Wan Han & Wey Yeh

If there’s one thing we definitely didn’t regret spending our money on, it is on hiring Steffie and her team. Meetings with them are always efficient and they provide detailed experienced points and tips on how to plan for our wedding. Even when bumps happened along the way, the team made sure that we were taken care of. Everything logistical, and we really do mean everything, is taken care of so thoroughly by the team on our big day that we didn’t have to spare a single worry and had the chance to enjoy the night!


Cheng Hao & Yan Hui

My boyfriend engaged idoforyousg for my birthday celebration and it has greatly exceeded our expectations!!! Steffie is friendly and very accommodating to our request! 10/10 would engage them again for future parties/events


Mei Zheng Tan

I engaged IDFY for a vow renewal style of photoshoot. Steffie and her team was professional and efficient in their work, any query was quickly answered. Steffie also helped sourced the photographer, HMUA and venue for the shoot. The styling for the venue was beautifully done and the shoot went perfectly.


Nicole Toh

Engaged IDFY for my kid’s 3rd birthday party. Steffie was very responsive. Thank old her i wanted a frozen party and she came up with exactly what I had in mind. Even drew a sketch so i can visualise better how it’s gna turn out. Her team was also very meticulous.


Gabriel Tong

I engaged idoforyou for a proposal at mr stork recently and was very pleased with the outcome! Steffie and her team were very accommodating with my requests and worked really hard to make sure everything went smoothly. Even with some hitches along the way with the weather, the team did their best to smoothen things out and everything turned out well. Their arrangements of the decorations was also very tasteful. Overall very highly recommended! Thanks for everything Steffie and team!


Ignatius & Joanne

Dear Steffi,

We would want to thank you for all your help coordinating the wedding! Everything went amazingly well that day and we cannot express how appreciative we are for everything that you guys did for us. It was beyond what we ever had hoped it would be. We have received many compliments about the setting and our family members still cannot stop talking about that wonderful evening.

I always felt confident knowing that you were handling everything. We'd be happy to recommend your service to anyone.

Truckloads of love,

Joanne & Ignatius


Daniel Ang

I engaged IDOFORYOUSG for my marriage proposal recently, Steffie & team worked around my budget and made the venue came alive with their decorations and intricate designs. I did not have a specific art direction in mind but Steffie & team gave me lots of ideas and they sure did deliver on the very day itself. My fiancée and I loved the set up so much and we would like to thank Steffie & team for the hardwork! Thanks for doing it for us!


Trev & Chariene

Thank you Steffie and team for making the stage look so gooooood. Thank you for working with me on the wedding stage design and also delivering even more than what was discussed. I loved the stage deco so so much. It really brought the whole wedding colour scheme together. They were really speedy on the set up despite the hotel handed over the venue late, it still looked so superb good. Thank you also, for going the extra mile when I wanted to lend an easel stand last minute. Definitely will recommend them to anyone looking for a unique, customisable wedding deco, it was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding.


Nur Sabrina


I have been trying to find the right words to express my gratitude for the idoforyousg team but I don’t think it’ll be enough! But let me try my best:

Steffie and team made my wedding day the most memorable one yet by patiently doing their best to meet my expectations and needs. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to make a lot of changes to my big day but they were flexible and understanding. What I liked the most about them was how they were not afraid to explore new ideas and take risks - going out of their way to create a spectacular wedding for their clients. Not to mention how their ideas are Pinterest worthy! Their work is the epitome of the quote, “what I lack in experience, I make up for in diligence.” They only started last year but they work smart and it shows! You won’t regret consulting them!

Eric & Shantel

I engaged Idoforyousg for my actual day wedding decor, it was very last min but all thanks to Steffie, she was willing to take up my job request. I told her whatever request I have(flowers, colour etc) and she planned out my decor theme. I was expecting like a very minimalist one, Cus I thot she wouldn’t have much time to make a big decor, but to my surprise it was more than I expected, really very thankful to steffie and team, she was also very on-time for the set up and stuff. Definitely will engage her for more future events!

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-12 at 18.58.20 (3).jpeg

Alberta Low

I Do For You helped with the set up and styling for our church ceremony in August 2021. Steffie is friendly, and easy to communicate with. She is up-to-date with trends and styles, so it's easy to explain to her my preferences. 

When what we originally envisioned for the wedding did not fit into our budget, Steffie took the time to meet me and we were able to discuss a new plan to work in the things I liked while omitting other items. 

In the end, I really did like the overall decor done for the wedding (see pics for examples). I think the best part was that I could leave it to Steffie and her team, instead of worrying about having to do it myself or troubling my friends to do the decor.

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